Derek Carr for Alex collins (Watson debacle)

Got offered Derek Carr for Alex Collins. I had Watson as my starter and you already know about his injury :frowning:

Kind of scrambling to find a qb The best options on the waiver are bortles, flacco and dalton.

I wouldn’t do this trade under different circumstances and am thinking to streaming qbs but our waiver is so dry.

I’m 6-2 also.


That’s not a bad trade. Collins isn’t anything special and unless he’s your best running back (which I highly doubt) then I would roll with this trade.

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Yeah Collins just recently broke out. I was holding on for the chance he’d get heavy usage since Baltimores passing game is weak.

I have le’veon bell, Carlos Hyde, marlon Mack and rob Kelley also.

I’m leaning towards a yes.