Derek Carr or Fitzmagic?

Who has the higher floor?

Who will put up more points this week?

I’d 100x would rather have fitz over Carr. Not just this week but ros. I’m settling for Carr this week though as I wasn’t lucky enough to grab the magic beard

I think Fitz does better this week. Panthers give up 2 passing touchdowns just about every week.

ROS I am not sure. Fitz could easily have a bad game and get benched again. I don’t think that happens with Carr.

I picked up Carr last week since Lucks bye is coming up and told people to start him against the Colts. Fitz wasnt the starter then but I went ahead and held onto Derek instead of making a play for Fitz. Carr should be fine. He’s still on the West Coast but he’s generally better at home. It looks like CJ is starting for SF so I think it could easily be a competitive game until the end. That’s good for Carr. I don’t like him as much as I did last week but I like him and will probably leave him on my bench until something better comes up on the wire.

What do you think the projection on Carr is this week in terms of yardage and touchdowns or total fantasy points? I have to choose between him and A. Smith vs ATL this week and its very close.

San Fran is giving up an average of 20 fantasy points per game to qbs, bottom 5 in the league. They average giving up around 275 a game through the air. I like those odds.

Atlanta has to be in that bottom 5 conversation lol.

Washington runs the ball WAY more than Oakland. I wouldn’t trust Smith as a play unless they just get trounced at the beginning and are down 21-0 before they know it and have to throw the entire game. That is more All Day’s team than it is Smith’s. I like the matchup great, but not the way the game goes. Wash defense is legit and if they control the clock on offense they can at least keep it close.

Panthers are 4-0 in their house and this is a division game. There will be no fitzmagic this game. This is not the Bengals. There will be no laisse faire approach to playing with a lead.

Nicky Mullens getting the start. This might downgrade Carr some if Raiders get out ahead some and it goes to a running game script. This is still the worst combined record for any prime time game I can remember so it might still be pretty even.

Hope you started nick Mullen’s…

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I went with Alex Smith…thank goodness. That was ugly with a capital U. I am not sure any raider is worth owning in fantasy anymore. I may even need to cut Krampus (Doug Martin).

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