Derek Carr

I just subscribed recently and I am enjoying the preseason rankings. I’m in a dynasty league where I’m invested in Luck and Carr. Having sticker shock with Carr’s rank. Am I really all alone on him finishing in the top 10 and more importantly should I shop him now? Please help!

I don’t think you are alone but i think it’s fair to say the view is very split on him, there have been a lot of changes around him with Crabtree gone, Gruden in, Jordy in, Martin in, Bryant in there are a lot of unknowns there. Sure if it clicks, and Cooper is back healthy and a consistent option for him and Carr is healthy and captures his 2015 and 2016 form which i think is closer to the mark given his injuries last year and the team struggles over all he’ll be a good option for you and maybe have some more trade value though i rarely if ever trade for a QB.

If however Cooper is still a boom/bust guy and Bryant doesn’t perform and Jordy has nothing left then i think Carr is in real trouble, and without seeing what the Gruden lead Raiders can do, i don’t think you can trade on his upside yet just because the we really don’t know what the raiders will look like offensively at all and the gamble of trading for him like a top 15 maybe even top 12 QB and if he busts will be too much risk for a lot of owners. He is the type of QB you try and buy the other way and get low for the reasons above and hope for the upside

I like your points. Thanks for the advice!

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I think there is very little chance he’s a top 10 QB.