Derrick Henry and Allen Robinson

12 team standard league, I’ve got these two as my RB3/flex and WR4/5 respectively. Are they worth the hold or do I package them together and sell the hype to get an upgrade RB or WR? If so who’s a good target?

Main RBs Gordon and Fournette and WRs Baldwin, Gordon, Davis and Stills - better waiver options at WR

Not sure what hype you’re referring to around either of them lol If you’re considering dropping either of them, absolutely don’t do that. I really don’t like the idea of shipping off AR without seeing him in that offense, he could be heavily utilized. It doesn’t hurt to see what offers you could get for a package deal with Henry and AR or Gordon, I would probably shop that around if I could and see if I could get a better RB back in return.

I would also add that i’m not a big fan of trading away starting RBs and not getting one back in return…that’s why I would probably only exclusively shop them for a RB, unless you get a crazy offer for a top tier receiver.

Lol I guess hype was the wrong word, maybe use the unknown and paint the perfect picture and get someone to bite on it. I agree on the RB point though I’d rather get one back but will have a look over some rosters and see who’s light at either and what could be asked for in return

I think ARob is your WR3, not your WR4/5 tbh. I think selling him now is probably on the low. Would rather wait and see what he produces like in a couple of games.

I’d def sell henry though. I don’t really believe in him much and honestly think Lewis is probably the better goal line and more complete back. If you got someone willing to pay up, I’d sell him in a heart beat. Guys I’d rather own than Henry going later than him:

Lynch, Drake, Jamaal Williams, miller, Michel, Royce.

That’s fair and I’m feeling the same in Henry… getting the post draft regret. Those guys are probably doable, I’ll put the feelers out and see if I can get anyone to buy in…

If you’re packaging either Gordon or AR with Henry, my absolute floor for what I would want in return would probably be a Howard, Mixon, or Royce. It’s just a matter of painting the right picture for the right person, like you said.

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Might have to wait for week one and hope MIA fail to stop the run and the Titans play good D that gives Henry good numbers. I can trade off of that, people are a bit all in on they’re draft guys right now

Both sides of that coin can play out though. If he comes out and looks like ass, his trade value plummets even farther, and vice versa lol Fantasy is a gamble. I would just test the waters if I could now and see if I could get someone to bite, but you may have to wait like you said.