Derrick Henry and Brate for Reed and CJ Anderson?

The Demarco Murray owner is panicking and wants Derrick Henry. Am I crazy for not accepting this right away? CJ Anderson’s snap count going down concerns me and in my mind if Murray’s hamstring really is bothering him or he just gets outplayed and Henry becomes the starter for the Titans he’s a locked and loaded RB1 every week. What do you guys think?

QB: Wilson, Cousins
RB: Martin, Mixon, Henry, Aaron Jones, Morris, McFadden, Gallman (DJ on IR so I’m struggling here lol)
WR: Michael Thomas, Dez, Baldwin, Tate
TE: Brate

I wouldn’t accept that. Brate > Reed. Reed is perpetually injured, like more so than Gronk. I would rather have CJ and Henry but not by much. CJ is losing touches and Henry is gaining them. For a Demarco owner who is panicking he sure is asking alot.