Derrick Henry / Dion Lewis Auction Keeper issue

I essentially have to choose between keeping Derrick Henry for $15 or Dion Lewis for $7…

We are a FULL PPR / Keeper league where each year you pay $7 more than previous year price to keep a player…

My other keepers just for reference/team construction…

Leveon Bell @ $45
Deandre Hopkins @ $35
Keenan Allen @36

Henry felt like an automatic keep all offseason until the signing of Dion Lewis… Is it worth considering keeping Dion Lewis instead for less than half the price?? Ultimately I still think there is a chance (however small) that Henry breaks out and become a dominant 1 and if I don’t keep him at 15 and that happens I’ll be livid. HALP!

I am capped at (4) keepers… therein lies my issue… I would keep both RBs if I could… unless someone wants to convince me to give back a STUD at a discount from my main (3) keepers…

What is the total auction budget? If it is $200 then I’m prob keeping Lewis for value.

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Yes its $200 limit. Thanks for your thoughts!

I’d keep Lewis. Half price, and PPR format, it’s an easy pick for me.


I’d keep Lewis. PPR I feel will be the same as, if not better than Henry.

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