Derrick Henry for Lamar Jackson and James White

.5 point ppr. Should I trade Derrick Henry for Lamar and James white? I want the big points capability at qb but concerned about the cost.

Currently have:
QB - Kyler M
WR - Davonte Adams, Michael Thomas
RB - Derrick H, Aaron Jones
TE - Ertz
Flex - S Shepard

Bench -
RB - D singletary, r penny, c Thompson, M Sanders,
Wr - D Jax, R Anderson

Would you do it?

I personally would but looking at your RB status I don’t know if you can at this very moment. Maybe you can start Thompson as your RB2 against the Giants this week. Your RBs have potential but most are just not solidified yet.

Given your RB depth, I’d say stay put.

I’d stay put too

Will James white be a reliable rb 2?

That’s the reason people are telling you to stay put… No