Derrick Henry or Elijah McGuire

Can’t decide between the two for my SUPER BOWL competition. Got Henry right now, but McGuire’s still available. Thinking Henry. Am I off track on this one??? (Already picked up McGuire, then dropped him for Henry about 2 hours later).


Thanks more than you know y’all!!!

Henry a must start vs McGuire as a flex play. Not even close.

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TY more than you know my friend!!! My thinking as well, which is why I snatched him up. Then…of course,…started re-thinking, questioning, wracking my brain. LOL…in the full blown FINAL FFB QUANDRY on who to start, who not, who to pick up, who not…blah, blah, blah, blah.

Can you tell I’m driving myself nuts…AND Y’ALL AS WELL!!!

God help me if I make it through this!!! :pray:

Don’t overthink it! Henry is gonna get the(more like ALL) volume and he’s going to do well. I played against McGuire last week and even with a lucky TD he was meh. Best of luck!

Thank you tons @Deima89. At least I know somebody else was in the same line of thought I was when I picked Henry up!!!