Derrick Henry Trade offer

Just received a trade offer of Derrick Henry for my Raheem Mostert and Antonio Gibson. Am I crazy to be hesitant? I want to see what Gibson can do. What do you think footclan?

Team: (10 team, .5 ppr)

QB: J Allen
RB: J Jacobs, K Drake, J Taylor, Col Mustard, A Gibson, J Robinson
WR: R Woods, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Lizard King, D Jackson, A Miller
TE: Fant

I feel like my team is pretty deep at RB already and have been looking to shop Mostert for another WR. What does the footclan think?

the value you get with jacobs henry taylor and drake you could move any of those for a top wr1 id be doing that in a hurry

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Derrick Henry owner realized he was tilting too hard and back out. I don’t blame him tho, his other RB’s are Conner, Bell, Mack, Ingram II. Tough one