Derrick Henry trade offer?

I received a trade offer for my Henry. I’m getting Jefferson, Swift, AJ Green for Henry

I feel like I need some WRs since Ridley has been pretty disappointing. Any suggestions?

Full PPR 10 team
My team:
QB: Murray
RB: Henry, Robinson, Gaskin, Javonte Williams
WR: Devonta Smith, Lockett, Ridley, Shenault, Marquise Brown, Sanders
TE: Kittle

His Team
QB: Carr
RB: Jones, Michel, Swift
WR: Hopkins, Kupp, Jefferson, Dionate Johnson, Golladay, AB, Josh Gordan, AJ Green
TE: Waller

Henry is a playoff maker. He’s a champion maker. If someone wants Henry they better pay up!

Jefferson has major upside potential. He’d be an immediate starter.

But you’re getting Swift to replace Henry directly - and then he sweetens the deal w/ Jefferson and Green.

AJ Green is doing alright for the moment but I still wouldn’t rely on him much. I doubt he’d give you Kupp or Dionte (esp after that performance last week). Hopkins isn’t producing at the moment so you MAY be able to slide him into the mix instead of Green.

BUT man… We draft Henry for a reason right? He’s a workhorse EVERY week. Personally unless you’re absolutely dying for a WR, I’d pass. Remember Sanders is showing up right now, Shenault is going to benefit from Chark’s broken ankle, and Lockett is imo a must start this week (Carson is most likely out).

haha I know, its like if he gives Jefferson + hopkins/kupp and swift for henry or I can do Henry + Ridley I might be really tempted