Derrick Henry vs Deonta Foreman

12 team standard
Neither is a starting RB for me. I want to know who is more valuable to hold on to. I have Foreman, but Henry was just dropped

Your guess is anyone’s…

I mean the Texans look really good now… So if Miller goes down foreman is in an offense that is scoring alot of points and will prob do the same.

Tenn QB is banged up and Murray and henry have been weak except 1 week. I think Ten gets better and one of them does well second have of the season. But who knows which one.

Go with your gut… Ita hard to predict

Do you own Murray? If so, Henry is more valuable. Otherwise its coin flip on what starting RB gets hurt first

I don’t own either starting RB. I was a DJ owner, and Gordon us my RB2. I have other RBs, but I also want to grab a “lottery ticket” RB and hold him.