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Derrick Henry was DROPPED in my league


Derrick Henry was dropped in my league and is now on the wire. Who should I drop between Gore, Jeremy Hill, or Chris Carson? Or should I hold?


carson or hill, gore is a starter. those other two are in muddled back fields. i like carson over hill because theres more of chance of mixon taking over.


Agree with @Rfaye7007 go with Henry over Hill or Carson


Is Henry a better hold then Hill?


if something ever happens to D Murray, you will have an instant rb1


I am thinking about trying to trade the Fleener owner and I would give him Hill and Eifert. Then I would have a spot for Henry. Do you think I shouldn’t give up on Eifert yet?


if youre that high on fleener like jason haha. i just think youd be paying too much for fleener


Wouldn’t trade Eifert for Fleener…gotta believe he will improve if/when Dalton ever gets his game going.


My original offer is Fleener for Hill