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Derrick Henry


I am in an standard $200 auction league with keepers and I have a chance to keep Derrick Henry for $6 dollars.

what are your thoughts on his usage for next year. Is it worth taking a chance on him with DeMarrco Murrays breakout from last year?

Just want to see if I should secure him as an RB3 or try my chances in the draft for someone new.


What’s your year-over-year cost for keeping?

If it’s not too high, it could be worth keeping him for $6 simply for his value in 2018. Along with the insurance he provides this season.


Our value increases by $5 each year by the drafted price of previous year.

So got him for $1, now $6 then $11 potential for 2018.

That is a very good point to keep him for a 2018 season at $11 dollars…


Yeah, I think it’s worth $6 of your cap for the option of him on the cheap in 2018.


Personally I don’t do it, I see the Titans moving more and more toward RBC. Both Henry and Murray are hugely talented and the more carries Henry takes the less Murray will breakdown.

Murray won’t be gone until 2020.


OK, I kinda slept on this too and I realized there is one more option I can do for a keeper on my team.

My team from last year follows as is with its pricing:

QB Colin Kaepernick, SF QB Free Agency $20
RB Le’Veon Bell, Pit RB Q Draft $60
RB Derrick Henry, Ten RB Draft $6
WR Dez Bryant, Dal WR Draft $50
WR Davante Adams, GB WR Free Agency $20
TE Greg Olsen, Car TE Draft $24
FLEX Tyreek Hill, KC WR Free Agency $20
K Adam Vinatieri, Ind K Free Agency $20
Bench Marvin Jones, Det WR Draft $13
Bench Darren Sproles, Phi RB Draft $7
Bench Matt Asiata, Det RB Free Agency $20
Bench Carson Palmer, Ari QB Free Agency $20
Bench Kenneth Dixon, Bal RB SSPD Free Agency $20
Bench Taylor Gabriel, Atl WR Q Free Agency $20

I can keep up to 2 players so I am choosing 1 to be Bell for a $60 dollar price.

I am now thinking about taking maybe Devante Adams at a $20 dollar price for next year. DOes this sounds like a better idea?


Hm, Henry at $6 isn’t bad as a just in case Murray gets injured. If they happens Henry could be a top 5 RB.


Yea its taking a big risk on a handcuff guy for $6 dollars who may get more breakout potential; and even astronomical gains if Murray goes down.

Davante scares me for a $20 buy since Green Bays options are vast and unpredictable on a week to week basis.

The basic upside for Henry is what Mr. Butter Face said. a 2018 $11 buy in for who knows what Henry could be.


I’d keep Henry at the 6. Worst case is you have to use him in a couple years at 16 bucks. But have an instant top 10 if DeMarco goes down.


It is very enticing and that’s what I like about it. I created a potential low end price for Henry for the future.


Well, I would go Henry because you have a top 5 RB if Murray goes down. Which, early in his career Murray did miss a few games, 11 in his first 3 years. Since then it has been a lot less, but he is older and has more carries under his belt that most. Injury is a real possibility.


It seems the consensus is to go Henry. Thank you all for your help.