Derrick Henry !?!?

I had a thread started about acquiring Henry yesterday didn’t get any responses, wondering your thoughts about stashing him for a big 2nd half???

Henry hasn’t been start worth for weeks now. Anyone still stashing him in hopes of a “big game” is going to be thoroughly disappointed. Keep wasting slot if you want but that team is a dumpster fire and should be avoided.

No point acquiring him. Just wait till the owner drop him if you really want him that badly.

He did just got dropped … should I snag him for Keelan Cole

I drafted both and have since dropped both. Henry isnt panning out and Cole has upside, but you basically got a 30% chance of him going off week to week.

What has Henry ever done in his career that has you feeling like he’s a must-roster? Keep Keelan Cole

Just a titans fan still holding on to hope I guess Hahahahha dunno why they don’t let him run lose dammit the dudes a freakin beast… did the watxh any of his college vids lol

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Yeah his college tape is wild and it’s disappointing it hasn’t translated to the NFL as much as we hoped. If you’re a fan of the team though Cole isn’t too much to give up for a guy you get to watch and root for every week. Plus you’ve seen more of Henry than I have so if you’re high on him go for it.

Henry, is not a good running back by any measure lol. In College, he was fine cause he was just a better athlete than everyone. In NFL where everyone is a good athlete, he has no vision, has zero elusiveness, and for his size, is an absolute wimp when it comes to getting tackled on first contact. Can count the number of times the dude has broken a tackle this season on one hand.

Dion Lewis is way better than he is. But that entire offense is in the dumpster.

Henry looked pretty good today actually … little bro Dion was killin it as well… Henry 12 Pts on my bench dammit !!!

Henry didn’t look good lol. He finally punched in a goal line TD.