Derrius Guice - being undersold by the Ballers?

What are everybody’s thoughts on Guice? I will admit that I mostly play Dynasty and his value seems higher in Dynasty than re-draft, but you would all take Guice over any running back taken in the 2019 draft, right?

I would definitely rather have Jacobs than Guice. Peterson will command a decent workload at minimum and Guice has had some trouble recovering from the knee injury. It feels like we’re a year away from discovering how good Guice can be.


I’m not high on Guice at all. Putting aside his recovery, with Haskins as the likely starter, the uncertainty of Williams and the overall health of the OL, I see them in more obvious passing situations on 3rd which will send Guice to the bench for Thompson. I’d agree with Derek here and grab Jacobs ahead of him.

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As a skins fan, I love Guice. However, I don’t expect much this season from him. I think he is more talented than any of the 2019 rookies RBs. Don’t think he out performs Jacobs or Montgomery this season. Next year may be a different story. The offense doesn’t look good this season. No Pass catching threat outside of injury riddle Reed. Maybe Trey Quinn, Paul Richardson or a rookie can do something. Not holding my breath. Then what happens with Trent. As far as Haskins, I expect him to take over around week 5/6. In dynasty he is a hold, with the hope he can reach his potential next season.

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I’m trading for Guice in Dynasty whenever I can. I don’t know how somebody goes from the consensus 1.02 in rookie drafts (behind only Szechuan Barkley) in a stacked RB class, to a forgotten man on a bad offense without playing a snap. He’s on the same team he was on when he was that 1.02 pick. AP was only signed after Guice got hurt last year and was only extended because Washington wasn’t sure where Guice would be in his recovery when the season starts. He may have a slow start this year, but I still believe in the talent and I believe that this team is only going to get better. It would be hard for them to get worse.

i think Guice will be a middle of the pack RB. However I would take Jacobs over him, He has no competition in Oakland.

pulled hamstring already. I don’t get the warm n fuzzies with Guice. ADP has decent value yet again.