Derrius Guice is SIZZLIN' - Top 10 material?

He kinda gets lost, with so much of the noise and focus being around Saquon Barkley. In any other year we would be raving about what Derrius Guice brings to the table.

Baton Rouge Native
Berry’s ride or die
Thompson’s broken fibula (expected return date November)
Behind only Little League Bo in SEC ypc
Only player ever in SEC hx to have 3 250+ yard rushing games
Redskins 17 rush tds back in 2016
Gruden’s formula is to run in the red zone
Guice has a boat load of milestones as well (all kinda single game records)

This dude is flying up our draft board fellas. In all formats, we now have him as our 10th overall running back. With room to climb!!! Who’s buying in???


Love Guice. Could def see him producing in the top 10, but zero chance I’m drafting him there at his ceiling. RBs I would take above guice in PPR scoring:

Bell, Gurley, DJ, Zeke
Barkley, Kamara, Gordon
CMac, Fournette, Cook,
Hunt, Freeman

Then would probably consider Guice after that at the highest. Maybe consider taking him over Mixon but probably not. Probably over Howard. Def taking him over McKinnon. Love the optimism though.

First off, we totally disagree w/Bell @ #1. Gurley should be atop all formats. Can make an case for Barkley in dynasty.

We would replace Guice over Freeman on your list there. Don’t like off coordinator at all, he’s taking the offense into a black hole. And keep an eye on the Kansas City situation as well. Sophmore slump candidate in Hunt. Ware’s back, new off coordinator and new QB. As of today, Guice reminds me of where Hunt was going last year. And Guice a hella better player than Hunt, fits great into Redskins need and system (just as Hunt did for KC last season). Interesting to see how things unfold over the next few weeks.

“First off”, Having Bell at #1 in a PPR format is perfectly acceptable, not really sure how you can firmly state that’s a bad idea? You can’t, it’s just what you think. Doesn’t mean he should be atop all formats. Standard leagues, Zeke makes a great case.

Sark is in his second full season, to say he’s taking the offense in a black hole after one year is ridiculous. Clearly by that comment and the Gurley comment, last season is really all you’re paying attention to. Which is an absolutely brutal way to project, probably passed on Hopkins and Gurley last year too, eh?

Guice hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL. Absolutely no reason to say he’s ‘hella’ better than the leading rusher in the NFL from 2017. Guice also doesn’t show the same type of pass catching background (not saying he can’t do it). To potentially put him ahead of Hunt and Freeman based on no statistics at all, and based on him being in Washington where RB’s have gone to die the last few years, is really just you giving your personal opinion as if its fact. It’s not. Guice fit the early down need for Washington, but Chris Thompson isn’t dead. To have him ahead of Hunt is just lunacy.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on Bell. He has been the most consistent producer at the position for the past half decade barring injury. Either way, I couldn’t fault you for taking Gurley first either. But to just make a statement as if its fact I think is a bit near sighted. I think you can make a case for any of Gurley/Bell/DJ and even Zeke to be the top and I honestly couldn’t fault you.

I think one thing to consider before writing freeman off was he missed 3 games last season, and still finished as a top end RB2. Although I agree the offense wasn’t as steaming last year as before, but there are a couple factors. It typically takes a team a while to adjust to new OCs. Especially Sark who is known to have a pretty complex system. Don’t forget that it took Shannahan 2-3 years before that offence was clicking and eventually turned into the most prolific offense in the NFL in 2016. So I am actually not writing off that entire offense just yet after seeing 1 season.

Agree with you it will definitely be interesting to see how things unfold. But Freeman has shown again and again he is one of the NFLs best runners / pass catchers and has been extremely productive. If Atlanta’s offense reverts closer to the mean (not saying hey will ever attain 2016 numbers again, but even just their average), I think Freeman is a pretty easy value at current draft stock and I would take him over guice in a redraft.

Although I agree Guice as a prospect, may be more talented than Hunt as a prospect, we’ve now seen what Hunt can do in the NFL. He is a top RB in terms of elusiveness, yards after contact, great vision etc. And he has already done it at the NFL level leading the league in rushing as a rookie. Very capable pass catcher etc. And even though you think you know that guice can do it too, we have yet to see it at the NFL level so to automatically assume he is hell of a lot better than hunt may be a bit premature. Also as we know, fantasy is all about opportunity. And hunt landed in a workhorse role as a true 3 down back. And even though guice is more than capable of being a 3 down back, fact of the matter is Thompson will be there and if he’s healthy, is going to steal most of the passing work from him. So just another risk factor to consider.


I would take Guice over Hunt, especially in auction. Hunt is going to lose a good chunk of work. Let somebody else splurge on Hunt for 40+. Hunt is also dealing with a hamstring issue right now.

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where is hunt going to lose work? to ware? ware isnt going to come in and command 50% timeshare. and bringing up injuries, he actually had a serious one that he is still working back from. unlike hunt, who was just dealing with a sore hammy and practiced in full today, pads on hitting everything. the ware taking away from hunt argument is overblown. ware will come in and take about 30-35%. hunt will still be at 65% usage. there is no indication that they will do anything but that.

Just stop. Ware was a serviceable back and succeeded in the system. Hes good not great.

Hunt is clearly one of the most talented backs in the NFL. He can run, he can catch, he just can’t pass block. The man averaged like 5 ypc as a rookie and produced 1800 yards from scrim and double digit TDs. And that’s after a 5 game stretch where Andy Reid decided to be an idiot and didn’t feed him the ball. I can only imagine the numbers he would’ve produced if Reid didn’t get too smart for his own good. He is crazy elusive, incredibly hard to bring down as evidenced by his YAC and has insanely good vision.

He’s the real deal. The narrative that ware is going to come back and and eat significantly into Hunt’s work load is ridiculous. He’ll just be a change of pace back to allow hunt to catch his breath.


At this point I think Guice might impress beyond what people expect. I cannot see a Top 10 finish without predicting injury, which I do not do. Maybe over time (seasons) he gets there, but I am not seeing it this year. Solid RB2? Sure. RB10 or better? Probably not IMHO.

But FF can be a weird game. While I do not think it, I can definitely see it as a potential. He definitely has skills to produce. I am just not drafting on that potential’s ceiling.

Sharing this highlight video from a year ago. It doesn’t include their last season highlights. Had a throwback feel to it, w/some sick music. These two are studs. Enjoy!


New QB, Reid’s tinkering, Ware and health. Too many factors for me. A lot of people forget people were starting to bench him last season. That was not happening with Kamara and Fournette. Great RB but I see way more value with Guice. I may regret it but I only lost 2 games last year going with my instincts so sticking with it.

you keep on bringing up ware and his health. i can accept the other reasons, but ware has only ever been a backup who got pushed into a starting roll. and his health is fine. he had a hammy issue, he is back on the field as of today, full pads full contact.

I agree… Hammy Issues are bad for aging backs who dont recover quickly… but hes young and if ever there was a time to hurt his hammy its now… Did everyone forget what it was like to be 18-21 and pull a hammy? Are these people still on crutches or what? Lol.

At worst Hunt may not live up to mid first round draft stock if he has a down year, but will still be a lower end RB1 at worst… at best you could have a top 3 guy which he certain has the talent to do… if mahomes pans out i think Hunt will finish top 5 for sure… if mahomes is meh… you still got a top 10 back.

Mahomes about to dip into Hunt’s red zone rushes for sure. I can see Pat having 5/6 rush TDs this year, half of those should come from read option.

LIke I said, I may regret it. Really depends on the situation one is in though. I got Kamara for $1 so I’m dropping Hunt. Let someone over pay for Hunt. Got my value out of him.

I see way more value in Guice. He’s just as good as Hunt, maybe even better. If I was going to over pay though around the same range it would be Fournette. He had the fastest clocked times (field) last year and has lost 10 lbs. OL has also improved.