Derrius Guice value

I just traded a 2nd round pick for him. Was that a good move? I think I heard the guys say they would do that. Thanks!

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I don’t think it was great value but it’s not terrible, he has great potential it just depends on if he is ever given the chance again.


If your 2nd was in the back half I think you made a pretty good move. If it was earlier, I still like it but it is a little riskier. I am in on Guice this season. I think that WAS is as well. Gibson is a great piece, but he is more of a Curtis Samuel / Taysom Hill player. Usable in so many ways that there is no incentive to lock him into one.

Yes, injury has been a thing, but end of last season was not a worrisome injury. That was just a lousy hit that would have taken out nearly any running back. I believe we are seeing a healthier Guice and coming into the season, he should be fully on the mend. Do not forget, that last year was his first back from the (admittedly most recent) ACL that only kept him out as long as it did due to a secondary infection, not a bad healing. Usually the 2nd year after ACL is when we see people getting back to it, and I think we saw him looking strong through the admittedly short window of 2019.

All that said, I am a buyer of Guice for the late mid 2nd and later if possible. Assuming I need RB support / depth. I think it was a pretty good move, just make sure you are not anticipating RB1 in 2020, though it is a possibility given the talent we’ve seen from him in college.

Just my two cents, but I hope it helps!