Deshaun Watson FAAB

Deshaun Watson has been dropped in my DYNASTY league.

I understand there is alot of stuff going on around him but it’s Deshaun of he comes back he is a stud.

What do you think I should pay for FAAB the league starts with $100

Cheers legends

$0 for me, but then I’m pretty risk-aversive.

You think he is done and dusted won’t be back in the league?

There’s an awfully good chance of that, given the recent backlash against “rape culture” and the NFL’s historic blackballing in response to violence towards women.

There’s a small chance he’s cleared of all charges (and even if he is, then the NFL gets to impose any discipline they feel is appropriate–without even having to “prove” him guilty of anything), but it’s not worth any FAAB, or really even the roster spot, to bet on that chance.

But like I said, I tend to be risk-aversive.

I mean it’s not even for a valuable player, like a RB1 or a WR1, it would just be for a QB…

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