Deshaun Watson for Newton?

I am being offered Cam and juJu for Deshaun l . Standard scoring and I bought into Watson but I have heard some good things about Cam. I’m leaning towards declining this. What would you guys do?
Edit:redraft league

Is this a re-draft or dynasty?

Redraft league

Accept the deal regardless of format. Cam is boom bust at times but Watson is a flash in the pan and juju is gonna be a star.

May I ask why you think Watson is a one hit wonder? I understand he sustained a bad injury but I have faith he could return to his form. No hate to your opinion just want to hear more into your prediction.

So his nfl comp is cam newton but the problem I have is this is the second time he’s had a severe injury to his knees.

If he makes it through this whole season and finishes in the top 5 (where cam has been for 5 straight seasons) then I might change my opinion on him. But gun to my head now Cam over Watson and it’s not close.

Yeah that’s my main concern especially with this only being his second season. I’m nervous that it’s going to become a rg3 type career. But thank you for your opinion, it’s more thought out then the standard Watson had a great year last year answers

Happy to help.

Take that and run. I don’t care what the format is.