Deshaun Watson - Keeper League Question

Hi Folks,

In a 16 team IDP keeper league where I can only retain one player at each position, I have Watson and Hurts at QB and need to decide who to release in to the draft pool in the next month or so.

Curious if you guys think it would be better to take a lowball offer on Watson and roll with Hurts as my keeper?

Had a few offers in but we are talking pick swaps in early rounds and a couple outright mid rounders (10th and 12th)

While its not much im conscious in a 16 team league it will be a tough and deep draft so im super unsure.

Any advice appreciated.

Honestly I’d roll with Hurts. Way too much around Watson to take any chance on him, even besides the lawsuits, there’s a good chance he may not get traded and just ride the bench. I would try to find the best possible trade to move up in the draft you can.

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