Deshaun Watson trade value?

I’m in a 14 team league and I have Dak, Watson and Luck. Picked up Watson for Dak’s bye week 6 but now trying to package him for an upgrade at RB or WR.

One guy has Rodgers, his RBs are Abdullah, Montgomery and White

Another guy has Big Ben and Keenum, with Mixon, Hunt, Mack and Breida at RB

My RBs: Murray, Martin, Kelley, Gillislee

Not happy with Gill so was thinking of packaging him and Watson to one of those guys, maybe for Abdullah or Mixon. Thoughts?

I love it! Watson has tough weeks coming up so best to sell now! And honestly I’d start high see if u can bring in a bigger name and if not resort to Abdullah, etc

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You would be over paying for Mixon or Abdullah. I doubt you can get Hunt, maybe target Montgomery. But he’s not worth the two players either.

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Yeah I like the sell now, but I wouldn’t package him with Gillislee for Mixon or Abdullah. Try and get something else out of them.

I do love Mixon though and think he will be a stud near the end of the year. But right now, Watson has so much more value than Mixon.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! I did just check that another guy only has Rivers. His RBs are AP, McCaffrey, Ajayi and Crowell. Maybe Watson and Gillislee for Ajayi?

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