Desperate for a RB - Trade Options

Hi All,

New to this site and joined after I barely got the W in Week 1. I had David Johnson and Danny Woodhead as my starting RBs. After Week 1 I lost BOTH.

This is a 12 team .5 point PPR and my only 2 RBs on my roster are Theo Riddick and Tarik Cohen (There is no IR slot)

My WRs: Baldwin, K. Allen, Diggs, Garcon, JJ Nelson and Marvin Jones.

I was thinking I can try to ship some WRs for a competent RB.

Kenan Allen has generated the most interest, but can I survive with my WRs if I lose him? Should I be patient with Woodhead and DJ?

I’m 2-0 right now somehow.

The 2 RB set you have currently isn’t going to be sufficient. I recommend a buy low on Le’Veon Bell, Demarco Murray, or Isaiah Crowell

i would try and get rid of baldwin i dont like that guy one bit. hes a hype monster and thats it. russle wilson looks aweful this year, and they want to run the ball now that theyve got a competant rb in carson. If you can get a decent starting rb out of baldwin iw ould go that route. i would drop danny woodhead the guy has played his last snap, hes been injured in consecutive seasons now, hes 32 years old, and his replacment (buck allen) is going to light the world on fire. DJ may be worth holding. dont buy demarco murray. i dont know why people keep saying to buy low on him. they got a little taste of derrick henry last sunday. and by little taste i mean they got to see what kind of animal he is putting up 92 yards and a td in half of a football game. you think theyre going to old busted demarco who hsnt practiced in 2 days?? naaaa

You definitely have to make a move for RB. Your receivers aren’t super strong with Diggs being down without Bradford. If you can get an RB1 for Allen then do it. I think packaging Diggs and Baldwin might get you better return.