Desperate for Injury Help

So I need to replace Chark due to injury. Because of keeper rules, I don’t have many options of players to drop. Would you play Crowder or Drop Mattison to pick up DeAndre Washington. Or would you drop Crowder for Washington? This would be for my Flex2 spot, full ppr. Going against the Lamar,Tyreek,Mostert team and we are listed as dead even projection. Remaining roster:
Winston, Julio, Keenan, Chubb, Fournette, James White (Flex1), Flex 2, Lutz, Steelers DST

Comments appreciated!

It seems like Robby Anderson has stolen all of the good targets from Crowder unfortunately. If Jacobs sits im rolling out washington after his last game with 7 targets and i think like 14 carries. Keeping mattison is a big question mark to me now that were into the playoffs. Gotta win now so if hes gotta be dropped its gotta be done

This is true. I guess how I look at it is that if I’m not starting Crowder vs. Baltimore I’m probably not playing him in Week 16 either. Mattison could become valuable for Week 16 in the event that Cook gets injured. Dropping Crowder though and having Jacobs play would kill me though…

Totally get that. Hardest part of the year here man but mattison becoming valuable week 16 wont matter if you dont make it through this week either.

I could also drop Goedert I guess and roll the dice that Engram plays. Forgot to add my TEs in here. The other three teams are set on TE so I could always pivot back if Jacobs becomes active.

Thats where the injuries this week got me. Lost andrews but still made it through to the next round. Now hes a thursday play and i dont have a second te on the roster so I might be trying to scrape one together. And i get the pleasure of the wrong side of the bracket I get to face Zeke, Cook and Fournette so swinging for the upsides! Might also be looking at dropping mattison unfortunately

Yikes, yeah Andrews would be risky. Especially since we don’t even know what Lamar is going to do either. I’m probably dropping Goedert to pick up Washington. If Engram is out, I’m probably grabbing Ian Thomas for Mattison. I doubt Greg Olsen will be back…

Fant is available but way injured now too. The trashcan of OJ Howard… not a ton of other options for me

Or theres the big swing of Njoku facing Arizona which is kinda where im leaning… is that bad?

Njoku only played like 15% of the snaps last week. Unfortunately I’m playing Howard of those 2 if that’s my choice. I’d rather have Thomas or Higbee tbh, I feel like they will be a safer floor but require the starter to be out. Howard would be my swing for the fence.

Higbee isnt there, Thomas is i just dont have a lot of faith in Kyle Allen throwing the ball downfield enough. Njoku was on the first game back though right? thinking maybe they just made sure to get him back to playing before working him the ball alot. Its really just arizona that makes me feel like its a smash play

It’s possible. I just don’t trust Cleveland enough to make that call. Njoku injury was a wrist, why would you limit his snaps so much? I get it, I don’t really like any of these options but you have to do what you have to do. I’d probably still go Howard but I’m not feeling great about any of ‘em.

I really thought OJ was gonna be a serious force in the league… not this year at least but that doesnt mean with Evans out he doesnt ball this week… Maybe your right. Gonna wait for @Sith_Are_People_Too and his beautiful work he does for all of us :slight_smile: Hes half the reason im still in this.


In progress… should be up early this afternoon. :sunglasses:


Week 15 post is up: Streaming Models for Week 15 (The Deep Stream)

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