Desperate for receivers and RBs

I’ve gotten hit by injuries and have had to do the best I can with streaming players and hole fillers. This week is looking bleak however. I have A. Brown and D. Adams set. Up I the air with Baldwin, Doctson, and Smith-schuster. RBs are worse. Got Gallman, Gore, and C.J. Anderson. Any good sleepers I can pick up? Any suggestions for who to sit and who to play? Thank you.

Your receivers aren’t bad at all man. You have AB, Adams, and Baldwin. Why would you think those aren’t solid plays? Your RBs definitely need some work however. Gore and Anderson aren’t terrible though. Who are the RBs are available on your Wire?

Definitely play Baldwin as your 3rd WR. He is a lock in, depending on your scoring settings. CJ Anderson will be a good play this week, but like @jaguileraroh said, who is on the wire? or at least how many teams in this league to make an educated guess on who is on the wire? Maybe be on the look out for Dion Lewis, Buck Allen, or Orleans Darkwa.

Just was on the bubble with Baldwin. There’s not much left for RBs. Here’s what the “top” picks look like

Thanks guys for the opinions and future help.

Dion Lewis could be a sneaky play as he’s becoming more involved.

Cool, think I’ll replace Gallman with Lewis. Really appreciate boosting of my original gut feelings. If I can pull this week off I’ll tip a fourty for the homies, or something.

Depending on the waiver rules in your league you might be able to drop a bench player for Kelley prior to his match. So if it looks like he’s back this week pick him up as then he’s a starter Rest of season (also useful if bench player gets an injury so you’d be dropping them anyways).