Desperate - is it time to trade Gurley?

.5 PPR/ 12 Team League with an abysmal draft that I had to do over the phone with my GF.

QB: Rivers, Trubisky
RB: Gurley, Howard, Freeman, Clement
WR: J Brown, Sutton, Jeffrey, Shepard, T Smith, Coutee
TE: Kelce

This is not a season winning team. I’ve been hounding the waiver wire and have wormed my way to 5-3. There’s only 4 play off spots and I’m tied for 3rd with 4 other teams. Next 4 weeks I’m projected to get pummeled.

Do you trade Gurley for a low end RB1, low end WR1 and An RB2/WR2? Or do I wait and keep pushing the wire? This league is brutal with trades - I just got turned down on a Kelce offer for Chubb/Gordon.

Desperate times call for desperate measures - any insight is appreciated!

I guess if I am the Gurley owner I am keeping him for rest of the season. I feel like if you make a trade for an RB1/WR2 or along those lines your going to regret giving him up and all those juicy points he score!

The only worry is playoff time, Shawn mcvay likes to sit close to playoff time!

Hope this helps in some way

I have to make to the playoffs before I can worry about that lol

Lol when I make trades I look at it as if I am going to make the playoffs, even on the podcast they warned about Gurley in the playoffs!

In hindsight I am not looking to give up the best back for anything

I’m 3-5 so no reason to listen to me lol. But I would keep Gurley and keep trying to sell Kelce. Should be able to trade Kelce for a low to mid end RB2 I would think. Depends on other teams record and roster. Pick up Doyle if available and stream TE position this week. Having Gurley is like playing with an extra player on your team every week. It’d be hard for me to trade him away.

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Yah that’s a good point - thanks for the insight. These managers are so tight about trades but everyone of them has asked for Gurley - I feel like it’s the only move I have left…

I think you can get a good WR for Kelce straight up by someone who is deep at that position. I’d hold on to Gurley if this were the case, and I think Howard is going to be turning it up ROS. Trade Kelce for a good WR and grab a TE off the waiver, I’m sure there’ll be one or two good ones to target.

Ok what if you were offered Mack, Chubb and Tyreek Hill for Gurley?

Do you take it?