Desperate Lineup Help! (Full PPR League)

His lineup consists of Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb, Michael Thomas, Brandon Cooks, Jordan Reed, (Flex) David Johnson.
My lineup consists of
-Drew Brees
-Aaron Jones
-Antonio Brown
-Zach Ertz
I need desperate help with my flex and other RB.
My bench consists of James White, Tarik Cohen, Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson, Mark Ingram, and DJ Moore.
I need two players from my bench that has massive upside to get a lot of points.

i would definitely play cohen, as the bears will likely need to score a lot. I personally would play james white as well even though he doesn’t have massive upside, so I guess DJ Moore if you want upside with Olsen out for year.

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Thanks Jarek for the input! I definitely like Cohen the most this week. James White is a safe play, but I am afraid that they won’t really need him as much in this game, because Michel can easily run all over their bad run-d. A part of me wants to play either Mark Ingram or Justin Jackson. Jackson is against the really bad Bengals run-d and same with Ingram as well against the Bucs bad run-d. Jackson has a really nice upside, but has the biggest risk overall.