Desperate! Minn or GB D?..I have D adams

PPR league. My opponent has no more players to go. I have Davante Adams and either Minnesota defense or Green Bay defense tonight. Should I start the better defense in Minnesota hoping that Adams does not score a touchdown but racks up yards and receptions. Or Green Bay defense that way if Adams scores it does not come out of my points from Minn D? Thanks!

Not the greatest matchup for either. Hard as it may be, unless you need a substantial amount of points to get the W I think you set the Adams factor aside and just go with the DST that’s been better both recently & on the season (Minnesota). It’s certainly not impossible for both Adams & the Vikings’ DST to simultaneously have strong showings.

And if it doesn’t work out, you can just blame the guy in the forum. :wink:

Best of luck!

That’s what I’m leaning towards is starting Minnesota. But Green Bay is actually number two on the season as far as turnover differential goes. Minnesota is 5th. Does that change your opinion at all?