Desperate roster help needed

Who to start at RB2 slot & flex? Options are:
Keelan Cole

Standard scoring. Have Connor as rb1 and julio and Allen already at wr

I think the Jags O will put up some point today, will have to to win. Stands to reason Cole could be a big part of that volume.

yeah, I would say AP and Cole.

I think Collins is on such a short leash after last week’s fumble, so go with the rested AP versus a suspect Saints D.

Also, I think Cole against a horrible KC Defense is > than Alshon vs Rhodes

AP and Cole is the play for me

Thanks for the help! I’m a little worried about the weather in kc but I agree with what’s been said.

Weather is overrated. Unless it’s a hurricane or a Blizzard, it shouldn’t be a major consideration in my book.

With my luck there will be a hurricane blizzard. Or maybe that’s something I’ve ordered from Dairy Queen.

Ha!! No kidding.