Desperate WR play

So here I am at 4-3 needing to pull off a miracle victory in my league this week… I have solid Rb’s in KJ, Marlon, Chubb, Sony , Gordon. But clearly can’t play Sony or Gordon this week…

My problem is Wr’s. Roster I have. Evans (no connection) Allen Robinson (can’t trust), Demaryius (BUST), cooper (hurt) , Baldwin (can’t trust), Ridley ( not enough work)… I even got desperate and added jordy Nelson.

My question is. Who can i trust this week at WR.!? I can’t trust anyone in my WR spot (besides cooper) all year and starting lose my mind. What’s your guy’s thoughts about this?

Oh and Geronimo / Cobb both on waivers still but I got jordy since he moved to wr1

Lineup looks like
Qb: cam (don’t want to, but have to)
Rb1: KJ
Rb2: marlon Mack
Wr1: Evans
Wr2: Baldwin
Flex: jordy
TE: kittle

.5 ppr

Thanks in advance to all feedback!

Pick up and plug in Geronimo

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Is Geronimo that big of a play this week? I was thinking the same thing but got talked out of it and backed out.

It should be a big game for the packers to go out to LA and compete. A wr2 with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball is pretty good… just monitor his health, I know he’s struggling.

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If he doesn’t play. I would pickup and play Valdez scantling. I like that even more.

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Ahh, I forgot all about him! Thanks! Just wish I could rely on receivers more this year… lost all my games by 2-5 points cause my Wr’s can’t seem to workout

Same with me man, my only receiver I can trust is Michael Thomas. I have cooper as well and that’s about it… I mean I’m playing Amendola as my wr2 this weeek with scantling in the flex lol.

If only I could have a Michael Thomas!! Avoiding mike Evans forever after this season haha

Dude! Mike Evans is good man haha. In my PPR league (which has a couple other yardage milestone points) he’s scored nearly as many points as MT. I have MT and am nervous he’ll get phased out all the time. Turn into JJ. Or injured. Any NO WR is ultimately expendable with a HOF qb in Brees. Evans at least has the incentive to play hard so he can get out of TB one day…lol. Really though, Evans is underrated.

And the Allison, Cobb, MVS thing is absolute gold ROS. I have MVS and am trying hard to figure out how to acquire one of the usual starters. There’s like a 80% chance whoever starts gets 100+ yards and/or a TD since Rodgers literally reverts to his terrible two’s life-phase when he doesn’t get to choose where the ball goes 90% of snaps. He’s really good. HOF good. But he’s not Peyton Manning and he never will be. However, he REALLY wants to be. Peyton got the job done with basically 2-3 legit weapons though. Rodgers can’t handle having fewer than 5. GB would do well to focus on its O line and running game instead of broadcasting “WE ARE THROWING IT” literally every single play. I really don’t like Rodgers these days. He also got dumped by Olivia Munn and his family hates him. ok I’m
Done sorry lol

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