Desperately Need Flex Advice!

Doug Martin (vs. Jets), Keenan Allen (vs. Jags), Corey Davis (vs. Bengals) or Martavis Bryant (vs. Colts) as my Flex in a full point PPR league?

Rest of roster:

Dak Prescott - QB
L. McCoy - RB1
J. Howard -RB2
D. Parker - WR1
J. Kearse - WR2
E. Engram - TE

I desperately need a win to stay in playoff contention. Please help!

As on/off as he has been recently, I would go with Martin. Allen hasn’t been too impressive as of late and the Jags are shutting down everyone. And it’s in Jacksonville. Davis needs to prove himself before he goes in a starting roster (imo) and Bengals have a good pass defense. Bryant might be good for a big bomb, but is risky. I think Martin is the safer option especially since the rest of your team should put in good weeks.

Thanks. It is a done deal then. I appreciate your help.