Desperately Need Some FAAB Guidance

12-team + 4 RB Limit + 0.5-PPR + $1000 FAAB.

My four RB’s are D.Henry (Tenn), C.Carson (Sea), M.Ingram (Bal), C.Thompson (Jax). I would very much like an upgrade on Thompson.

A lot of my opponents drafted well, so value picks on waivers are looking pretty thin at the moment. The only name of note from Week 1, still available on the waivers, is Malcolm Brown.

This my first season using Auction Waivers, and I simply have no idea what would be considered a large bid vs small or value bid. I expect my whole league to be aggressively pursuing Brown this week, due to injuries and bench depths. Since our auction budgets are $1000, should I be expecting my opponents to be submitting bids in the $100’s or $10’s? A lot of forums are suggesting Brown’s value is between 7% and 15% of person’s FAAB budget. So should I be expecting bids between $70 and $150? Or, because of the demand for RB’s, more??

Providing all this info (apologies for the essay), how much of my budget should I be looking to spend on Malcolm Brown??

Any thoughts are welcome, and any wisdom in matters of FAAB spending is much appreciated!

With a $1000 budget i would expect people to use 10-20% of it. The thing with Brown is he might not keep his value the entire year with the rams most likely getting Akers more involved. I would Bid $100 (10%) for a guy that may not be the lead back in the coming weeks

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Ok that’s interesting to hear, thank you for your response.

I agree with Mason 100%!

Copy that, thank you