Desperation Trade Offer: Should I Accept?

Full Point PPR League. I am last in my league (1-5) and I get this offer, would you accept?

I’m Giving Up:
S. Michel

I’m Getting:
D. Freeman
C. Davis
D. Thomas
A. Ekeler

Already have T. Coleman but WRs for me have been awful (A. Cooper, Q. Enunwa, D. Baldwin, C. Kupp). All of which are out for injuries or Bye Weeks

I’d have to see the rest of both teams, but I don’t think I’d do this.

My Team:
QB - D. Brees
RB - S. Michel
RB - T. Coleman
WR - D. Baldwin
WR - C. Kupp
TE - J. Graham
Flex - J. Howard
D/ST - Bears
K - D. Bailey

His Team
QB - P. Mahomes
RB - M. Gordan
RB - C. Hyde
WR - De. Jackson
WR - K. Golladay
TE - C.J. Uzomah
Flex - D. Thomas
D/ST - Jets
K - R. Gould

I still would not accept this. You’d be giving up your RB1 and one of yur biggest point-getters for a bunch of his scraps. Your team is decent. It could use a little help but not with this trade.

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Freeman has moved onto IR don’t do the trade

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Just got the notice! Wasn’t going to do it anyways but thanks for the help. I blame my bad season on poor luck and Baby Josh…