Desperation Trade to make the playoffs

Alright so I’ve looked at my schedule and standings and realized I have to win this week and the next two weeks in order to make the playoffs. Should I trade away Mike Evans for Demaryius Thomas and Kyle Rudolph? Not happy about that deal (my team is named Magic Mike Evans) but I need the win against a tough opponent. Currently starting Ed Dickson and Adam Humphries.

What’s the rest of your team look like? Also what’s your league format?

Full point ppr. I have Kirk Cousins, DeMarco Murray, Doug Martin, Evans, Baldwin, Zach Ertz, CJ Anderson, Corey Davis, Dion Lewis, Adam Humphries, Ed Dickson, and Alfred Morris.

Also Derrick Henry and Ryan Fitzpatrick

Well if you absolutely HAVE to win this week to have a chance then I guess Evans is doing you no good on your bench. And you need a decent TE with Ertz out. Necessity might force your hand.

Desperate times. Survive and advance.

EDIT: Although you could stand to use some RB depth. But I dunno who you could get with what you have.

I’m in the same boat got Mike Evans and Dez Bryant and I’m ready to offer the lowesr of the low to win. If that is the only offer I’d do it

Gotta get in!

I honestly feel like Demaryius Thomas is going to do you no good.

Why not? He has a great matchup this week and is being targeted a ton.