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Determining keeper cost

Hi Everyone -

I commish our home league and we are converting to a 2 keeper league this coming year. So far, our guidelines look like this:
2 keepers
2 round premium
Waiver wire added keepers will cost an 11th round pick.
A second waiver wire keeper will cost a 12th round pick
Cannot keep anyone drafted in first 2 rounds

So I have the price for regular keepers and waiver wire keepers set (for now). I’m having a hard time figuring out what the premium should be for players who were drafted, dropped, and then picked up off the waiver wire. I’ve searched a lot and can’t seem to find any guidance (outside of the FC of course).

For example, someone got frustrated early and dropped Mixon (originally drafted in the 2nd). If I wanted to keep him, do I get to pay the waiver wire add price of an 11th? While I would love that, it feels a little unfair, but at the same time, if someone bailed and I paid a big chunk of FAAB to get him and stuck with him, shouldn’t I get to treat it like a wire add? Does he follow the rules based on his original draft price (so I’d have to send him back into the pool)? Someone I asked suggested splitting the difference (so he’d cost like a 6th).

Has anyone dealt with this before? I know I’m not the first league to ever face this scenario - wondering what you all have done.

Somewhat related, my players under keeper consideration include (with 2020 cost)
AJ Brown - waiver wire - 11th
Wallerus - waiver wire - 12th
Mixon - waiver wire - TBD
AJ Green - waiver wire - leaning towards cutting

Thanks, everyone!