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Detroit as a playoff DST?


I’m looking at Detroit for playoffs. I have Bears who play Rams in 14 and GB in 15 and then SF in 16. So Detroit plays Arizona in 14 and Buffalo in 15 which is a great compliment.

However… Is Detroit a good DST stream for playoffs? They face Arizona who is great for opposing defences, but Arizona also has DJ and Detroit is bad against RB. Thoughts?


I’m going to advise you to do the following.

Step 1) Go to your washroom or nearest mirro
Step 2) Look directly into the mirror
Step 3) Say "I will not rely on Detroit Defense to win my fantasy playoffs

Don’t do it. Even though the matchup may seem good, just don’t do it. Don’t trust the lions D. not now, not ever. Especially with patricia at the helm. Look at what the Jets did to them at home.


Hahahahahah !!!

I guess I can pick up Bengals for week 15 against Oakland but it doesn’t solve my week 14… or broncos against SF week 14 and Cleveland week 15

I love my bears in week 16 but I don’t like their two weeks leading up to that


So top targets are anyone who is playing bills/cardinals/49ers, browns.

I think skins have it pretty good the whole way and denver has a good week 14-15 and pats play buffalo at home in week 16 (championship week) which is absolutely delicious. They can absolutely put up 20+ points that week.


Sounds like Denver should be my target then and they are free agents


Yeah they give you a decent floor between Chubb/Miller. It would be better if week 14 was at home, but being at SF isn’t bad either.

VIkings for week 15 at home vs Miami is another good one. So is HOU at jets.

There are just a tonne of good options. Which is why I don’t recommend getting them just yet. We are only at week 10, another 4 weeks until playoffs so can still stash some high upside guys.

I’d actually rather get handcuffs now instead of defenses.


If I am a Mixon owner, I should own Bernard then yes


100%. That is one of the rare handcuffs where if Mixon goes down, Bernard is automatically an RB1. Hard to find that in other handcuffs.