Detroit Defense for playoffs

It might be too early to start planning for a Week 15 / 16 playoffs but I’m fairly confident Gurley will at least be getting me a spot (I’m currently sitting at 5-3, third place overall).

Detroit’s last three weeks is 14 - Arizona, 15 - Buffalo, 16 - Minnesota. Are they worth an add now or soon to stash for the last three weeks? On paper, I feel like its a good move if I have the room on my bench but am I missing anything before I commit?

It partially depends on your bye week situation going forward. I have Kittle on bye week 11 and then Mahomes/Gurley/tyreek on bye week 12. It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to hold an extra defense on my bench through that.

If your TE/QB byes have already passed, you might be able to take up a bench spot for the lions