Devante adams for t. Coleman and 2020 1st and 2nd dynasty pick

I was offered Tevin Coleman , 2020 1st, and 2020 2nd for devante adams. Its a 12 team league where everyone gets 1 devy per year. Should i take it?

personally I wouldn’t. 2 years out is a lot and Adams gives you a locked in WR1 paired with the greatest fantasy QB both in their primes for the next 3-5 years. Hard to find that combo at WR.

Coleman isn’t even that young anyways and you can always just draft new RBs next year. Unless your RB situation is horrible and your team is positioning to win now (which probably isn’t the case if you have no RBs), then I wouldn’t make that trade. With a 1st/2nd, your dream is to hit on a player like Adams so I wouldn’t give that up.


For me it’s not even close. Adams could be a bona fide stud for the next 4/5 years. Coleman has upside but it’s clouded in mystery. The 2020 1st is nice, but I don’t think worth it without knowing which pick in that draft it will be.

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Def not accepting that offer.

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