Devante Adams or Aaron Jones at 1.07

Have 7th pick each round in keeper league. Keeping Josh Jacobs(2nd) and AJ Brown (15th) in 12 team half ppr league. No 5th round pick this year either.

The next best RBs available after Aaron Jones are probably going to be Bell/DJ/Gurley/Gordon/CEH, keepers are not set yet so I don’t know if I want them as my RB2 or which ones may be available in round 3

PS. We have a 3 year limit for kept players so that every few years the top talent gets recycled, and this year is when most of the top RBs and WRs are draftable this year.

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Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers forum @Zollolord!

If I had to keep one of Adams or Jones for a 1st round keeper, it would be Adams. Do you have to keep 3 players?

I’m not clear what you mean by this “Have 7th pick each round in keeper league.” Do you have the 1.07 and 2.06 (as normal)? or do you have the 1.07 and 2.07? Is this a linear or snake draft?

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Howdy and welcome @Zollolord !

I am with @fun4willis on taking Adams. Even without the RB who might be there I’d take Adams. Knowing who is still out there, you have the ability to take a RB I like more anyway.

3rd for Adams

Thanks for the replies. To answer @fun4willis, I have the 7th slot in the draft this year. Since it is a keeper league we do a linear draft so I have 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, etc. With the players I know can’t be kept this year Adams/Jones are the players I expect to be there at the 1.07.