Devante Adams or JuJu Smith-Schuster ROS Half Point PPR

Half Point PPR who would you rather have rest of season

Devante Adams
JuJu Smith-Schuster

Anything? lol… Im stuck on who I should chase

I think im gonna chase JuJu and see what I can buy him for… That owner needs RBs and I have TONS OF THEM!!! lol

Well I would take Adam’s since he is a clear #1 not saying juju won’t be productive but I like Adams more ROS

See these are the opinions im looking for lol … I like people that challenge my thought process… Im torn on who to offer on cause the 1 owner has both of them

If the owner has both try to see who he values less and go for them both are good option but if one is too expensive go for the other

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yeah i think thats what im gonna try … Thanks for the help man

Juju 31 recs
Adams 28 recs
Pretty close.

But juju had tons in TB+KC
Adams played good defs and rodgers wasnt healthy
For me adams > juju but close

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