Devante Adams or Miles Sanders - 0.5ppr - keeper dilemma


10 team league. 0.5 ppr.
We get two keepers each.

I am choosing CMC for one but who should the other be? Miles Sanders or Devante Adams. There is no penalty for keeping one vs the other. Also, I am picking 10/10 so there likely won’t be many elite RBs remaining at that point. I’m leaning Sanders…

Any thoughts?


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I’d go sanders as well. Much easier to replace the WR

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Adams is a tip 3 WR. Sanders is a top 10 RB. It’s definitely close since most of the good RBs will he kept and it’s easier to get WRs. I’d say Adams normally, but solidifying you’re starting RBs is important this year. I’d go Sanders.

@vs01 - Sanders has to be it. The scarcity at the position compared to WR depth will make the combo of CMC and Mile Sanders pretty tough to beat.

Thanks for your input!

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As others have noted, I’m on Sanders as scarcity comes quicker for the RB slot.

Does anyone’s opinion on this change now with the hamstring injury to Sanders? I’m thinking if I keep Adams, Sanders could drop to me.

When do you find out the rest of your league’s keepers? Because it will really depend on how many RB’s are being kept. If nearly everyone is keeping 1-2 top 20 guys, Sanders might be one of the top remaining backs and not fall all the way to 10. If you can find that out ahead of time, you can make a better decision/if you know several people are going to keep WR’s or for some reason a TE (Kelce/Kittle). If not, then i think everyone’s original assessment of solidifying your starting RB’s will be the safest move.

I find out who the keepers are at midnight tonight but also have to submit my own.