Devante Adams+ Robert Woods for Saquan

my rbs are
joe mixon, lynch and bell
i do have ito but he is on a bye next week also duke johnson
my wrs are
adams woods sherpard kirk gordon and tra’quan smith woukld it be a good idea to do a trade like this

I dont think it’s a good idea unless you have a lot of waiver wire strong options to pick up for free. But I’d assume you do not

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I think you’d be better off going for a lesser rb using your secondary assets. Maybe Sherpard and Gordon for Cooks/Diggs/Green or something like that

i didnt feel comfortable with that idea either any tip on a value rb considering i only have 1 starter

Since you have Ito, can you get Tevin for a good price?

thanks thumbs up

See if nick Chubb is available too

wouldnt cook be a bad target considering his hammy is wrong?

chubb owner isnt letting go

also i do have burton for te so i do have that as a asset to especially coming off this big week

I wouldn’t want you to go after Cook imo. But Tevin, I would look into. I mean, if you can get Lat Murray as well as Cook somehow then that’s excellent too

Yeah Burton is but I def wouldn’t give him up without a good replacement for him

Traded burton for engram straight up before week 7 matchups. Have him and Hooper now. I just trust them more so going forward than Burton.