DeVante Adams trade

I’m 2-3 and need wins now due to competitive division. Adams is out this week with no return date on the horizon. Would you target a 4-1 team and try and move Adams for Kupp Keenan or Chark?

If you’re gonna trade Adams i wouldn’t do straight up for Chark. Hes been great so far but if foles comes back and gets put into the starting role does that at all effect charks numbers? You dont really know.

Im fine trading for either Allen or Kupp. Allen started off hot and has kinda cool off but i dont see him staying this quiet for long. Kupp has been outstanding this season and i expect him to continue to put up big points.

Have you gotten any trade offers for adams? I would hate to lose him if hes coming back next week.

I tried to do straight up for Kupp earlier this week and was denied.

Adams isn’t a lock to come back next week either. I agree Chark is aiming too low. But I need wins now over for the next couple weeks as I face division teams. The Kupp and Allen owners both have winning records.

I ended up doing a Adams and Everett for Hilton and Waller . Took advantage of the byes for trade partner.

It’s a good deal, Waller will come back and give you a lot of receptions each week. Hilton has WR1 promise, especially with his favourable schedule for the second half of the season.