Developing my new Dynasty League (Opinions on my Idea)

Hello anyone who is willing to read this:grinning:,

I have decided to make the jump into the Dynasty format and putting together a league with the Top Guns from my other two leagues I commission. Anyhoo I do not know how dynasty leagues work but I wanted to share my offseason vision, which I guess is a hybrid-keeper/dynasty. I have decided to use ESPN for this league.

My whole motivation for this is to keep the engagement/attention level up all throughout the year. As a Commissioner I want to keep the owners league entertained enough to make this a longterm thing.

Hopefully you’ve read this far…here we go…

So the roster size is potentially 22 players with 1 IR. What I was thinking is having a deadline for before/after the rookie draft to protect players. Basically of the 22 players on your roster you must protect 15 guys. Those 15 are essentially kept for the next season. Then the rookie draft happens and it’s a 3 or 4 round draft. They are added to your roster, and then perhaps maybe in August just so we have a reason to draft we have a Free Agency draft and you basically fill out your roster in that draft.

Again, I’m not too hip in the ways of dynasty league…

So my dynasty calendar goes like this…

2018 Season ends
Draft Lottery: Basically do an NBA style lottery draft (weighted odds) for the teams that did not make the playoffs. In my eyes it defends tanking.
Franchise Protection Tags: Basically of the 22 players on your roster you must protect 15 guys. Those 15 are essentially kept for the next season. Leaving 7 spots open.
Rookie Draft: 3 round draft (Serpentine)
FA Draft: 4 round draft (Thinking about making this an auction-style draft)
Season Starts

A: What do you think about this?
B: How do you do things in your dynasty league?

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I’m in a somewhat similar league

Roster is 20 with 1 IR. We keep 10 of the 20 players which locks a week before the draft. Only difference is we do not have a rookie draft, just 1 draft with combination of Rookies and unkept players. We also do a weighted lottery this year which helps with tanking (This year the last place team was visibly tanking and he ended up with the 4th pick, I doubt he will tank again) Another thing we do to TRY to prevent tanking is each week, the team that scores the fewest points pays the team that scored the most points that week $10.

I like what you have started as I like the idea of a rookie draft early and a Free Agency type auction for non rookies.

Good Luck


Thanks for the immediate response! I hope people will see this and share their ideas and experiences with stepping outside the box in terms of ideas.

So yeah, another factor in creating this league to try and mimic how the NFL functions in a way. Plus I am on the fence with doing a rookie draft earlier because I like that dynamic of “will the rookie be a boom or bust” which I feel is what it’s like for real franchises.

Yeah the weighted lottery is something I think would be the best play. How does your league decide the odds? I used this software Draft Order and you can enter how many balls a team can have. It’s super cool and I record it and make a YouTube production of it. Adds to the intrigue.

I’m very open to the idea of finding ways to avoid tankers so that fewest points owner paying the highest points owner sounds like a fun idea. That would definitely take a league vote though.

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10 team league and 4 make playoffs so odds for this year were 40% 26, 18, 10, 4, 2. We were all at a buddys wedding and literally wrote names on bar napkins corresponding to the % and threw them in a hat and picked