Devin Singletary or Damien Williams

Start Devin Singletary against Miami or Damien against Denver. Damien had all of 2 touches last week and the Denver defense has looked better. Singletary should be good to go against Miami but I’m already starting Josh Allen and John Brown in that game.

KC backfield scares me, I would go Singletary.

Went with Singletary. Damien put up 1.6 pts last night. Perfect

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im on the fence of playing singletary this week, has a great matchup for sure. Wonder how much they will give him coming off a multi week absence, he was doing a lot with what little he was given. obviously none of this changes your decision on who you should have played, you made the right call so far.

Week 1 touches vs Gore
Devin - 4 for 70 yards. 5 for 28 on 6 targets

Gore - 11 for 20 yards, 0 targets

Week 2
Devin - 6 for 57 yards 1 TD, 0 targets

Gore - 19 for 68 yards 1 TD, 2 for 10 yards on 2 targets

gore has been averaging 15 carries a game right now, but devin was working his way in.

singletary or jamal williams? i also own and will be playing Aaron Jones.

I hear ya. I’m working off the news that he was ‘almost ready’ prior to week 5. Miami should definitely give up some chunk plays and I see Singletary getting at least a couple of those. Gore is probably the safer floor, but I’m going with the upside of Singletary.

yeah, seemed they played it safe on his comeback time line.

im on the fence between Devin and Jamaal, i also own Aaron Jones, hard for me to roll out two RB from same team, but they have been so run reliant without their WRs but OAK has given up only 3TD to RB and only gotten over 62 yards 3x so far this season.

Thats a tough one. I wouldn’t expect Jamaal to get as much play as last week. Jones screwed up twice and got benched so Williams pretty much took everything for GB after that. He did ball out with the opportunity though. I think I’d still lean the upside of Singletary, but he would be the riskier play.

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yeah, im definitely leaning devin due to what you mentioned on on Jamaal getting a lot more looks due to the fumble and dropped ball.

2-4 in this league. he had mahomes and sutton last night, so 21 combined points.

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