Devin Singletary Placed on Waivers - Who to Drop?

12 team PPR. We start 1QB; 2R; 2WR/TE; 1RB/WR/TE.
QB: K.Murray, A.Dalton
RB: D.Cook, D.Montgomery, T.Coleman, R.Jones, A.Mattison
WR: O.Beckum, T.Lockett, T.Boyd, C.Sutton, T.McLaurin

I am considering dropping McLaurin or Jones for Devin Singletary. I want to keep Mattison as Cook insurance. Any thoughts on who is the better drop… Ronald Jones or Terry McLaurin? Appreciate any opinions. Thanx!

Drop Dalton, no reason to have him holding a roster spot. He will still be on waivers if you ever need him…

Absolutely do not drop either of those players, especially McLaurin. 100%, the answer is Dalton.

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@mFedj and @richmonDOC are absolutely right on this - Dalton is the prime candidate to drop.

OMG… Great thinking. I was so focused on the RB/WR drop. And you are right… when i need a QB for the bye it will be more clear which fostered player is a waste… and who knows if someone gets hurt. Thanx so much for the opinion… Dalton it is!


Dalton for sure, when Kyler goes on bye, thats another pickle to work on

Thanks so much for the observation. You’re so right. I was so consumed with dropping a RB or WR that I lost sight of the obvious. I’ll deal with the QB bye later. Thanks again… I definitely would have made a mistake!