Devonta Freeman and Coleman?

Footclan! I acquired Freeman, and now have both Falcons backs. Would you trade one to diversify? Or keep both to lock up the backfield?

Half PPR dynasty - two flex

Need context. I’d trade either for the right price.

Yeah always open to trade. I would hold however because Coleman becomes a free agent next year and his value will go crazy high. Look and see what people are getting for McKinnon and you should get something similar next year.

@kingedward43 @DFWB it’s a 2 RB and 2 flex league so I can start up to 4 RBs. My core of RBs are Barkley, CMC, Freeman, Coleman, Miller, Drake and Booker. It’s nice to have Freemans handcuff, and like @kingedward43 said… Coleman could be gone in a year:

Keep both.

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Keep both. It will be good this year and moving forward. If they split up next year it only benefits you, but you also know how they work together if that does not happen.

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As @kingedward43 notes you should always be open to a trade. You never know where it will end up.

@octoberland @fun4willis would you guys ever start both Freeman and Coleman?

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Possibly. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the offense is a lot better this year.

While I would not say I enjoy that idea, I would entertain it. Mostly I would be playing Freeman this season. With some injury concerns with Freeman, having Coleman helps lock up what I expect to be a more potent offense with flex appeal.

More to they point, I think Coleman is talented and (likely) gone after this year. At that point you might have a lead back on his new team. With Freeman staying in Atlanta (again likely) you could have two solid RB. But many folks are looking to Coleman leaving, so I think his value climbs over time. Since you have them both now, I would ride it and see about next year.

Not saying that is right, but what I would do. I am looking to get Coleman in my dynasty league for that reason.


Always open to any trade for anyone if the price is right. Coleman’s value can’t be called at the moment so he’s the harder to trade of the two for me, he’s a handcuff/flex guy right now but could be a lead back next year or could just remain a flex/handcuff for the next few years (unlikely but anything is possible) so if you own him you have to trade him like he’s a starter next year to cover yourself, if you trade him away at flex player value and then watch him sign elsewhere and be a lead back you’ll kick yourself because you no doubt got way less value than that at the time, he’s a hold for me