Devont'a Freeman - Free Agency

where do you think Devont’a Freeman will end up signing? Rams (if they release or trade Macolm Brown) or Panthers with CMC and Freeman 1-2 punch to support Bridgewater would make a playoff contender).

Would love to see him at my Pats (one year prove is deal around 3-4 million with some cap clearing), testing the trade value of Michel (not sold on him as our future back) or Burkhead (being injury prone don’t see him going for more than a 5th/6th round pick). Both Freeman and white as pass catching backs would give use more flexibility and chance for Meyers and Harry to find space and become key figures next season. Edelman will get around 800 -850 yards, with no Brady don’t see him getting 100 receptions more like 70-80 max as he finds game chemistry with Stidham. Sanu on the other hand should be his old self and be around 700-750 yards and 60 receptions.

Not sure Devonta adds much to the already crowded NE backfield. for better or worse: Michel, Burkehead, White, Harris.

I am guessing he is a post NFL draft add for depth.

I would see Freeman as a short term option to look at another future RB1 in this draft or next and have give them chance to find their feet. Michel i think is goodish, but i don’t him having the impact that the likes of Cory Dillion had the in past.

Michel would get us a 3rd round pick for an rb hungry team or lack of depth, with lots of committees wouldn’t be too many takers but Dolphins, Jets (if bell is traded which i can see happening this year or next), Cardinals, browns (if hunt isn’t resigned), and Bengals to give Mixon a rest (Giovanni Bernard has gotten more than 60 touches since 2017 season) plus Burrow with a decent running game behind could be a very NFL calibre QB.

Even Lions if you move on from Kertyon Johnson with his injury record and see Bo Scarbough as good complimentary RB2 for next few years.