Devonta Freeman IR return

What the chance that Freeman comes back this week has anyone heard anything?

If they were 9-4 and chasing the Saints down for the division then maybe but at 4-9 and their season over this year i doubt they bring him back. Get him right for next year, they have no need to rush him back this season.

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And even if they did bring him back, it would likely be in reduced reps so he could shake some of the rust off, but limit his chances of re-injury.

Ok thanks was sure if he was worth the roster spot

If it’s a keeper league and you have a spot to burn and want to think about keeping him for cheap it maaaaay be worth it (but most likely nah).

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Yes if it’s any sort of keeper/dynasty then sure but unless it’s a 5 or more keeper (sudo-dynasty) you will likely have better options