Devonta Freeman & Pierre Garcon for Jordy Nelson & Mark Ingram

I’m attempting to upgrade a wide receiver to make my team more well rounded and so that I have an established WR1 that is consistent. I Drafted Amari Cooper, and he has been dragging me down.

My target here is in this trade is Jordy Nelson, but I want a decent running back in return If I’m giving away Freeman.

My Roster:

His Roster:

The Trade: Devonta Freeman & Kelvin Benjamin FOR Jordy Nelson & Mark Ingram.

I feel as though I’m overpaying a bit considering my two RB’s, Hunt and Freeman more or less carry the team. He also mentioned some potential interest in Garcon if Benjamin was off the table, but I like Garcon this year quite a bit.

So what’s the verdict? Hold onto Freeman and hope Larry Fitz or Alshon Jeffery step it up? Or trade for Jordy and hope also that Mark Ingram returns to form with Adrian Peterson gone.



Giving this a bump.

There’s a possibility I wait a week before doing this (if at all), so I can see how AP plays out initially in Arizona.


Man I like it. I’d suggest waiting a week to see how Jordy’s hamstring does and see how the work shakes out in NO. Your floor with Hunt and Freeman is great, and you don’t want to crush that for guys that might not be as effective.

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I like the idea of upgrading at WR for Jordy but don’t know that I’d want to lose Freeman. I feel like you’d be better playing matchups with WR and keeping that safe RB floor.

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Bumping this again. Still considering the Trade after this week; albeit slightly changed

I’m considering now giving Freeman and Garcon for his Jordy and Ingram.

Ingram looked good with AP gone, but doubt saints will be up that much in the near future.


I think if you want to do it go for it but you’re overpaying for Jordy I think. That trade to me is paying for name of Jordy and blowup game from Ingram.