Devonta Freeman trade help!

I am trying to get Freeman I was lookin to offer the owner Edelman (player he wants) and possibly AP/Lynch/Lewis.

Or??? Should I g big and offer him Adams and Edelman for AB??? Don’t know if he would do it but it could be worth a try. IF this trade is fair to you lmk if not let me know why not. Rest of my team looks like
QB- Cousins/Mahomes
RB- Kamara/Hyde/Lynch/AP/Lewis
WR- Adams/Gordon/Cole/Godwin/Ridley/Edelman
TE- Gronk

I would not give up Davante Adams & Julian Edelman for AB…

Given Freeman’s injury risk, don’t overspend to get him…
In full PPR league Edelman for Freeman 1 for 1 seems reasonable…

But if you really want Freeman and want to add a RB, give him AP

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its a full ppr league